New Zealand’s ‘biggest fish’ to return to sea

The biggest fish to be caught in New Zealand waters for decades will soon be returning to the sea.

The New Zealand Fish and Game Department said it had signed an agreement with Japanese company Yamazaki Marine to re-stock the species.

The catch, which has been known as “Sukabuki” (big fish), is expected to be in the region of 20 tonnes.

“We have signed an extension of our agreement with Yamazaki for the re-capture of the fish from the Japanese waters, and it is expected that the fish will be in our waters within two to three months,” a Fisheries Department spokesperson said.

The deal follows reports last month that the Japanese company had agreed to supply tuna to New Zealand, but there were concerns that the deal could be in jeopardy if the fish was deemed to be not sustainable.

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture said it would “fully implement the agreement” with the company and provide a “clear direction” on the “future management” of the catch.

“It is a matter of urgency for us to take action,” Mr Kawakami told the ABC.

“This fish is a big and important fishery.

We want to ensure that it is properly managed, and we want to take the steps that are necessary to ensure it is sustainable.”

The catch will not be sold in New England.

But Japan’s Fisheries Minister Katsuhiko Kameyama said it was the first time Japan had re-collected fish from its own waters.

“I have been working with Japanese fisheries authorities on this issue,” he said.

“They have worked together to ensure the catch of the Japanese species is not going to be lost.”

The catch is not something that I have a problem with.

“Japan has been one of the world’s largest fish-catching nations for decades, with over 80 per cent of its catch caught in the Pacific Ocean.

The country has been exporting tuna to China and Australia for decades.

It is the world leader in catch-to-market and catch-by-catch catch ratios.

Japan has more than 7,000 catch-on-board vessels, many of which have been refitted with the latest technologies.

“If we can get a new vessel up to a point where we are not too far off the shelf we are all in good shape.””

But the time frame is very tight,” he told the BBC.

“If we can get a new vessel up to a point where we are not too far off the shelf we are all in good shape.”

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