The Lad’s vape cotton review

The Lad has announced its newest product: the vape cotton.

This cotton is the first to be made in the US and will come in three colors: a teal, purple and pink.

The Lad believes this cotton is a better option than its competitors due to the ability to control the amount of e-juice.

The company also believes the cotton is better than the cotton of competitors.

The Lad’s e-liquid is made with natural ingredients, like coconut oil and coconut milk.

The cotton itself is made from a blend of cotton, bamboo and e-liquids that were harvested by the company.

The e-cig industry is currently in a crisis with regulations around e-cigarettes, but the Lad believes that this cotton will give a lot of people the freedom to experiment.

“We know e-cigs are more popular than ever, so we wanted to offer a cotton that will be affordable for anyone to try,” Lad CEO Paul Dolan told The Lad.

The manufacturer also promises a better taste and longer lasting battery life than other e-cigarette cotton.

Lad will launch the cotton on January 19, 2017, and sell it through its website.

You can purchase the e-vaporizer on its website for $20.99.