How a cotton glove can help save lives from the pandemic

Posted September 09, 2018 09:07:30 A cotton glove will save lives when worn over an infected wound and can also stop bleeding.

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Cotton gloves are made of a cotton fabric and are a key piece of the emergency kit.

“These gloves are incredibly important for a variety of reasons,” Dr Dwayne McManus, clinical professor of surgery at the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine, told News.

“They are the only protective clothing that’s not made from synthetic materials.

They are one of the few items you can wear for a short period of time that are actually effective.”

If you don’t have a glove you can be quite seriously injured, and the risk of infection increases exponentially.

“When you’re in a hospital you’re wearing a large amount of fabric.

And it’s very easy for the virus to get into that fabric.”

So when you have a cotton-wearing glove you’re actually putting a lot of effort into keeping the wound clean and protected.

“Cotton is a versatile fabric, making it perfect for gloves.”

You can use a cotton pad to wipe away any lint or debris that’s on the glove,” Dr McManuses said.”

Then you can use cotton to wipe off any dirt or dirt particles that have formed in the glove.

“It’s the most protective and least contaminated material that you can put on your hands.”

Dr McManues also stressed that cotton gloves have no real danger.

“We don’t know that the virus actually goes into the gloves and infects the wearer,” he said.

Dr McMenus said cotton gloves were also an effective way of preventing infections.

However, a cotton gloves can also be a major barrier to infection.””

And so when you use a hand sanitizer on a hand wound and then wash your hands, it’s not going to cause an infection.”

However, a cotton gloves can also be a major barrier to infection.

And then you also have an increased risk of catching the virus from your body.””

So if you have one hand that’s wet with blood, and then you’ve got another hand that has a cotton garment on, the cotton fabric will make it much more difficult to remove that blood from the other hand.”

And then you also have an increased risk of catching the virus from your body.

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