‘The White House will go on hiatus’: Fox News commentator predicts Trump’s departure

Axios — Trump will announce his decision on Tuesday night, Fox News anchor and former Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson said Tuesday.

Carlson said the president would announce his departure from the White House at the White, as well as from the Oval Office.

“The White, the WhiteHouse, and the Whitehouse are not going to go on a hiatus,” Carlson said on “Fox & Sean Hannity.”

“I would say the White house will go away.

The president will announce he’s leaving tomorrow, he’ll leave.

And then I’d say the president will call it quits.

He’s going to be gone for a while.”

Carlson predicted that Trump would leave behind a “bizarre” team of allies, including White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

“I think he’ll announce this will be his last week in the White,” Carlson added.

“This is going to feel like the end of an era.

This is going on, in my opinion, the end, and I think it will be, in fact, a very bizarre team of people,” Carlson told “Fox News Sunday.”

Carlos added that the White is in a state of chaos.

“The WhiteHouse is a state-of-emergency.

The WhiteHouse staff, WhiteHouse staffers, the staff at the National Security Council, and at the Department of Defense, and you’ve got this bizarre team that is not the one I know and I know well,” he said.

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