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How to Make a Cotton Eyes Jeans from Cotton Gin Fan

Cotton is an essential ingredient in cotton gins, so it only makes sense to combine the two together.

These cotton eyes are made with two strands of cotton, one from the outermost cotton fabric, and one from its innermost fabric.

It takes two to make two, but they’re both handcrafted in this video.

You can make a cotton eyes jean in the following steps.

First, place two strands from the innermost cotton of your cotton gin into the outer cotton, and then add a third strand of cotton to that.

Next, add another layer of cotton at the end to make a double strand.

Once the double strand is complete, it’s time to put on the cotton pants.

Put on the pants and then sew on the top edge of the cotton jeans.

Finally, sew a button and zipper closure to the top.

You’ll want to make sure to remove the front and back of the pants at this point, as well.

Once you’ve finished the cotton eyes, you can wear them in the morning, or anytime you like.