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Cotton maxi dresses, cotton pendants, cotton headbands, cotton socks and more, at the Cotton Maxi Shop

The cotton maxi is a classic cotton dress that’s both modern and timeless.

There’s nothing fancy about this versatile piece of cotton.

This pattern was created by designer Karen G. Lee for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Lee’s unique designs are a bit more edgy, as she wants to use as little fabric as possible.

She used a mix of wool and cotton yarns for her maxi.

The maxi’s sleeves are designed to be very long, but it’s made with only a few stitches per inch for a flattering fit.

For a more feminine look, you can wear the maxi with a cotton or linen top, like a top and skirt.

The lace pattern in the maxis has a softness that’s easy to wear with denim or cotton.

Cotton is also a staple in many women’s collections.

Whether you’re looking for a simple or stylish maxi, these cotton fabrics are sure to be a hit.

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Source: The Craftsman, via The Modern Knot