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Trump, Biden: ‘We don’t need to play defense’ as ISIS threat grows

PRESIDENT TRUMP and Vice President Biden on Monday slammed the Obama administration for not acting sooner against ISIS and said the U.S. should take a tougher stance against the terror group.

“We have a chance to be more proactive against this threat, not to play a defense,” Trump said during a White House news conference.

“This is not something that we have to play on our shoulders.

We’re not going to be the ones to do it.””

We need to do something,” Biden added.

Biden said ISIS has “no credibility” and that the U,S.

is “making no concessions” on the threat posed by the terror organization.

The White House and Biden have also been engaged in public statements over the past week in which they have stressed the need to take out ISIS, despite recent developments that have raised questions about the president’s strategy.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Biden for his lack of action on ISIS and the vice president has said he has been reluctant to call out Biden’s lack of leadership in the war against the terrorist group.

Bidens office said Monday that Biden’s public statements have been a result of the president and his senior advisors’ concern about ISIS and their own personal safety.

“It’s been a challenging week, and President Trump has shown no willingness to stop the attacks on our soldiers, diplomats, and civilians,” White House press secretary Eric Schultz said.

“As President Biden and his team have told us, the attacks in Paris were a result, in large part, of the inaction of the White House,” he added.

Schultz also pointed to the administration’s recent comments on ISIS.

“I think they’re correct, that this is a threat that requires a robust response, but that response has been delayed and that delay has been compounded by the administration failing to act, and by President Biden’s unwillingness to take action,” Schultz said, referring to the vice presidency.

The administration has been urging Congress to pass legislation that would authorize $500 million to help Iraq and Syria fight ISIS.

The House on Tuesday approved a bill that would fund the $500m program, but it faces an uphill battle in the Senate.

The Senate is also considering a bill to authorize the money, and Democrats have said they are considering it as well.

Trump and Biden are expected to have their first face-to-face meeting with each other in the Oval Office on Tuesday.