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How to pick cotton, kona cotton, fabric, paper from the local market

I was at the local cotton mill in Kona, Hawaii.

I bought a bag of cotton and a bunch of kona paper for $2 each.

My wife and I were both on the boat, so I had a little extra cash for my kona trip.

I pulled the kona bag over my head and grabbed the cotton paper to readjust my cotton scarf.

It was like a breeze.

I had never felt cotton before.

After a couple hours of reading, I had the koa paper, the paper for my cotton shirt.

I flipped through the page and realized the paper is the only one that will fit my body.

You can buy a bunch more paper for about $4 a sheet.

After reading the whole thing, I knew that this is the way to go for picking cotton.

I will definitely do this again!