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How the world’s biggest companies have been profiting from the global Ebola pandemic

Fox News host and host of Fox & Bein Sports, Kimberly Guilfoyle, explains how companies from all over the world are profiting off of the global pandemic. 

Guilfoye talks with host Eric Bolling about the global food shortage, how the pharmaceutical industry is benefiting from the crisis and the growing threat of pandemic outbreaks. Read more Guilt-free health care. 

We are talking about the world health system and the healthcare system that was established as a part of the United Nations.

We have this wonderful system where all the health professionals that were trained in the United States and Europe, they came to the United State and trained here.

It’s a different system here.

But it was very, very good. 

But now, we have all this new technology that’s available to us, but it’s not available to everybody. 

It’s not that we are trying to impose our will upon them.

It was a very successful model, it’s called global medical collaboration.

We do have a very good system here in the U.S. and Europe and in other countries, and it has really worked very well.

But we need to improve the health system. 

Why the healthcare crisis is a problem. 

As far as the pandemic goes, it is a great example of what happens when you have a system that is not designed to respond to a pandemic outbreak, or a sudden event like the Ebola virus. 

And the system that we have right now is very different from anything that existed before, and I would argue it has been designed to be a disaster, and the system is failing, not only for the American people but for all of us. 

The healthcare crisis in the US is a prime example of that. 

I think it’s very clear that it is not a crisis that has been dealt with. 

Health care costs are way out of control.

The cost of treating an individual with Ebola is now over $300,000 a person.

We’re talking about $5 billion a day. 

What is it like being a healthcare worker in the Ebola crisis? 

It is so frustrating.

I’ve been there for two months now.

I work as a nurse, which means I do an hour a day for three hours a day, and that’s very, really hard.

I’m a nurse in the hospital, which is not my specialty.

I can’t get to a phone call in case there’s an emergency. 

You work in isolation.

You can’t speak to other nurses, you can’t even go to the bathroom. 

A nurse from the United Kingdom has gone on a one-month leave. 

In Sierra Leone, you have to wear a mask. 

That’s something that I have not seen in a long time. 

There is no vaccine or any medication to stop Ebola, or any other illness. 

Can you imagine if the United Arab Emirates had Ebola?

I would imagine that the world would be in a much worse position. 

Is it just me, or is this a new pandemic? 

I’m not sure, but I think it is. 

Are the Ebola workers working as fast as they should be? 

Yes, they are. 

Do you have an Ebola nurse in your office? 

We have two nurses.

They are very much in quarantine. 

If you had a nurse who came into the United states and was working in the isolation units in isolation, you would have a much better chance of survival. 

How do you make sure you have nurses in isolation if you are going to have a pandemics outbreak? 

You can have an isolation unit for a nurse and then an isolation room, but then you have all of these nurses in the room. 

Have you seen any nurses who are sick? 

No, we haven’t. 

So you don’t have a nurses’ group? 

Not yet. 

Will there be nurses in quarantine? 

The idea is that you don`t put nurses in there. 

Who is in quarantine right now? 

Right now, it`s just me and my team. 

Does that mean they are in isolation? 

They`re in isolation but not necessarily in isolation with you. 

They have been in isolation for four days. 

When do you know they`re out? 

Well, they`ve been in quarantine for four and a half days.

And they`ll be out for about a week, maybe longer. 

Should you have food and water? 

What are you feeding them? 

There are a lot of things that are being used in isolation units. 

Would you put them in isolation because you think they`d get infected? 

Absolutely not. 

For example, the water.

That is a very important factor, right? 

Why is water in isolation not used in these facilities? 

Because there are no disinfectants

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