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Roma v Napoli: Preview

1 / 3 Rome 1-1 Napoli (Sat) Juventus 0-1 Roma (Sat), 2.30pm kick-off, Stadio Olimpico (Milan) Serie A title: Roma 0-0 Napoli Napoli 0-2 Roma (Fri) Serie B title: Napoli 1-0 Roma Juventus 0, 0-3, 0.45pm kick on, St. Mary’s (London) Premier League title: Juventus 0.8-0.9 Napoli Juventus 0 0.5-1, 0, 3.45am kick-on, St James’ Park (West Ham)

Obama wins ‘Biden’ endorsement in Minnesota

President Barack Obama is receiving an endorsement from the state’s most prominent conservative, in the latest in a series of endorsements by state Republicans.

Joe Rulli, a conservative radio host and senior adviser to Republican Gov.

Mark Dayton, will make the endorsement Monday, a source with knowledge of the move told The Hill.

The endorsement comes a day after Rullis speech in a state House chamber was overshadowed by a firestorm over an anti-Muslim video.

Rullis endorsement marks the latest blow to the Obama administration’s attempts to win over Minnesota’s conservative voters, whose numbers have been trending in conservative directions in recent weeks.

Rullias remarks came as a state representative who is critical of the president signed a resolution that would bar him from the White House, a move that critics said was politically motivated.RULLI’S SUPPORTING THE GOPS MOST COLLABORATIVE GOVERNOR Joe Rullio, a moderate Republican, has been endorsed by Minnesota’s most influential conservative, Republican Rep. Joe Ruel.

Ruel, who is the state Republican Party chairman, said the endorsement is “a sign of the times.”

“This is what I’ve been talking about.

We are going to be very focused on the issues, which are really important to me,” Ruel said in a statement.RULI’s SUPPORT FOR THE GOP’S MEXICO SENATE MEMBER Joe RULLI, the state GOP chairman, has endorsed Republican Sen. Chuck Schumer, the party’s vice presidential nominee, in his reelection bid.

The endorsements come as Trump has been under fire for failing to publicly disavow the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the death of counterprotester Heather Heyer.

Trump has continued to express his support for the white supremacist group, even as he continues to deny that any of his associates were involved in the violence.

The White House on Monday defended the president’s silence, saying that he “has never disavowed any white supremacist groups or individuals.”